Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Well now - advancement

One thing I'm having to get use to is the wear and tear this sports takes on my body.  I guess playing 27 innings of softball on hot days is over.

Sidearm is coming along GREAT.  My wife purchased those rubber band things for strength and we have one on a door. When ever I walk past I rip off 10-30 forehand pulls.

I ordered and received a Lat 64 Gold Fuse (it's blue), a versatile midrange driver that has a good amount of glide to it.   Feels great and I'm up to 7 discs now.

Three Putters (for practice) Avair P&G (166g, 175g) Wizard (175g)
A Mid Range Shark (174g) - not using it that much yet
A longer Mid Range Fuse (165g)
a Fairway Driver Leopard (168g) which is my favorite disc at the moment for driving
And THE TERN (162g)!  a Distance Driver.

Let me tell you about the Tern.  Totally uncontrollable until last night.

Now that I'm getting better at this sport and understand what a sidearm throw I got out the tern and threw it with a little anhyzer action (not level bit more at a 2:00 position).  It sailed left and then finally straightened and started to hyzer to the right.  It was awesome and was the longest throw of my life.

Not GREAT but in the 200-215 range which for ol' noodle arm is a thrill.

I'm also MUCh better putting and yesterday at Firemans Park in Waterloo among the Mosquitoes I hit 6 for 6 12-15 foot puts.   Maybe the mosquitoes made me concentrate.   

I'm thinking of looking for a lighter Leopard but who knows - discs are like pretty candy.

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