Sunday, July 7, 2013

Switching to Side Arm to much OAT

WELL NOW -this is what happens and you have to much OAT!

Off-Axis Torque
What is OAT?  I had to ask that myself - Off-Axis Torque.   Forces imparted to the disc at the point of release that are not "lined up" = Not a clean release = Bad form (most of the time).

Lesson learned.

SO - I'm now throwing more sidearm and frankly it's much easier and I've increased my distance another 10 feet so my on the money throws are in the 180-200 range now.

I have more accuracy backhand but longer glides side arm.

I added a new link - Mastering the Wind

Sarah Hokum - World Champ - my body won't do that
Also my wife DJ has taken up the sport and now as 4 discs, An Aviar P&G, Comet, Shark and Cobra and she is now reading and watching Sarah Hokums videos.

The below video, about the 16 minute mark is a fantastic tutorial on how she throws side arm.

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