Friday, July 19, 2013

Over Confidence is a bitch

Current Rating - 722

Went out for field work Wednesday to a football field.  Light breeze and 75 degree dew point.  When finished I was soaked head to toe.

HOWEVER - I had my longest drive yet at 225 feet against the breeze with my 1743g Patriot.  I learned that I need LESS arm movement and more snap.  In the case of side arm it seems less is more when it comes to arm speed.

I also need to bend over more as what I THOUGHT was level was actually a little anhyzer* (outside rim tipped up) and when I throw a anhyzer I also tend to roll my wrist which compounds the problem.

*An anhyzer shot is when you manipulate a golf disc to fly in the same direction as its rotational spin. If you are a lefty, the golf disc will spin left and if you are right handed, it will fade right.  A right handed sidearm is like throwing left-handed.

I took my new found confidence to Heistand Park in Madison which is a wooded pin ball style course on some holes and got in trouble with inconsistency.  Lesson here is just like ball golf, course management is a must. Playing conservative will take strokes off your game at times.   

Still no luck in talking friends in to the sport and it seriously an awesome a sport. Out in real nature, not manicured nature.  

One thing I really love about this sport is that all courses are so different - almost mini golf style.  Ball golf has different style courses but disc golf seems to be so creative at times.

Today I saw that there are some courses with some ingenious basket set up's

Hornets Nest #9

Hole 10 at the Tiki course
Hole one Buffalo Trace

Have a great day.

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