Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moving down in weight

While my nick name that I have had for 20 years is Grinder (from ol' black jack days and then from poker days where I wrote for magazines and yada yada)  I think I should change my name to "Noodle Arm".   I even wore a ball golf cap with Noodle on it last time out.

ANYWAY - I've seriously been improving and had a 61 at Heistand Park in Madison but then dropped do to a 69 a day later with some bad luck and bad throws.  Still, I feel I'm getting to know what my body can throws can do . . . . when I do it correctly.

One thing I did was get a knee brace for my left knee (multiple operations from sports when I was younger) which helps a lot.

Most rounds are like my ball golf rounds.  GREAT shots with totally inept shots mixed in and  scrambling in the brush.  I'm also still finding more shots with the "I've never attempted THIS before".

But the big thing was I decided I wanted to try going down in weights for my disc.  I have a 168g DX Leopard which has been my go to disc off the tee.  I've had good results when I throw it correctly (good results means I don't totally suck) and my average good throw was 180 feet.

180 feet has gotten me in good range for a good approach shot (my forte') and I have a better then average chance for a par.
RHFH Leopard

But I digress.

What got me thinking about going to lower weights was I went UP in weight and purchased a 174g Patriot (it was pretty) and when I got home it felt like I was trying to throw a 5 pound weight.

Really? 7 grams will make that much of a difference?

So I was doing research and one thing leads to another and I find myself at Glide in Madison with a 153g DX Leopard in my hand.  Since I know how the 168g acted and felt and since it was only $8, lets give it a try.

WHOA - (remember this was side arm so back hand just think the opposite glide pattern).  I flung it out there with very very little effort and did exactly what it was suppose to do.  Holy crap. My 168g would do it every so often or a very abbreviated version but never exactly.  This was like watching an advertising video from Innova.

OK OK - calm down, I had a small tailwind.  I turned and had a L - R breeze and flung it out again, this time it sailed out of my hand like a rocket, started to go left and the breeze pushed it down a little, then the spin slowed and turned the disc right and the breeze caught it a tad and landed 200 feet from me.  SWEET.

OK, into the small breeze.

I picked out a target which happened to be a practice basket a little over 200 away.  Made an aiming adjustment (I had never considered this before since I was in a "throw far that direction" mode") thinking the disc will think it's going faster into the wind and move left more but fall to the right faster as it slowed.

I landed Leo to gimme shot range from the basket. HOLY CRAP!

To say I was stoked would be an understatement.   

OK - my thoughts.  Will I grow out of the lighter weights as I get more experience? Sure. Is that really a bad thing?  I felt I had more control and power at 153g then I ever have before.  Will 153g suck in wind?  Sure will.  But people have to lower expectations anyway and I have the 168g as a backup.

One guy I talked too had a lightweight bag of disc's and a heavy for wind.  I tell ya. People that own disc stores have it so easy!  It's like selling candy to children.  So pretty and you always want more.

I'll keep my 175g putters but it's like a whole new world just opened up to me.  I might have to look for a lighter disc.
ADDENDUM: 3 hours later.   Did some field work tonight - had some good results with "feel".  Maybe I was just fresh this morning.  The 153g did go farther but so did the 168g.   My Wolf seemed to always make my wrist turnover but near the end I purposely tried to hyzer the throw and not only did it fly perfectly but landed 2 feet from my bag 200 feet away.

Then for giggles I took out the new 174g Patriot and I believe it was my longest throw of the night.  In fact both times I was over 210 on near target.  MAN it's heavy but it flys!!    

Had problems with the Fuse which is so freaking smooth and glidy.  I can't not turn over my wrist for some reason when I throw it.   hmmmmm



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