Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Always improving

I been thinking about getting into a tournament, maybe next year???  I would be in the

ADVANCED SENIOR GRAND MASTER Division! (insert Echo)  

I keep learning and advancing. I realized my forehand was not getting as much as I could out of my drives because my wrist was being lazy.  I was not getting that final FLING.   I discovered this while on the course.  Or I rediscovered this for the 10th time actually.

I had some real nice 190f uphill drives that were maybe 12 feet to the left of the basket.  But those were only warmups so they didn't count.     

This when I REALLY wanted to do good, BLAP!!   WTF was that??? What did I do different??  I replayed everything in my head and it was my wrist. When things counted I would aim and stiffen up as opposed to just flinging the disc out there. 

Had a good round of 57. My rating is 717 which is like a 28 handicap in ball golf I suppose but I keep getting better.

My go to driver has become my 174g Patriot now.  Goes longer then the Leopard.  I through the 153g Leo in the beginning until my arm got warmed up, then I went to the 186g for more control and the long drives the Patriot. 

I still can not throw my Mids very well.  My fingers seems to catch on the big lips so that is a work in progress.  I like the feel of the Fuse but again, cant throw it with consistency yet.

I do need a fairway driver that is more overstable.  I also threw the Leo into the pond.  I have to find something that cuts right more at the end.  Maybe a Teebird is in my future.

Ricardo Vasquez / Rod Melotte collaboration 

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