Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I learned today - round 3

Played my 3rd round this morning at Crystal Lake Park in Beaver Dam and this time to get used to longer holes, I played from the white tees which are 854 feet longer and have some trickery.

Before I played took 50 practice putts from 12 and 18 feet and another 50 after the round.  While my results putting were unspectacular I did learn a few things.  You know like when you let go and your hand does something it works.  For me it's more of a level thing.  I also want to buy 2 more "like" putters so I don't have to walk up after every two throws to get my practice putters.

A few other things I learned was just like ball golf, you can HIT the hole or basket but that does not necessarily me you will get the shot (3 times that happened - AAARG!).   And just like ball golf putting counts a LOT.

I also learned that on a short 160 foot shot with nothing but trees on the eight side I can easily flip my Leopard left to right 200+ feet  OOPS  Maybe when I play that hole I'll use my Buzzz or Shark. 

Something I also have seen a lot are studs playing from the back tees throwing forehand who totally suck at it.  Are they posers?  They have a bag of disc, and wind up for a 314 foot shot and the disc goes 170 feet WAY to the left, then the next dude flips the disc a solid 100 feet.  Maybe they were trying to show off.  I suppose seeing an old dude practicing putting I looked intimidating - I mean who practices anyway unless they are really good!  LOL 

OH - I also learned that trees suck in disc golf just like ball golf. I suppose trees would suck in the NFL if there were trees on the field. All I know is I had some wonderful backhand shots that went screaming off my wrist and came to a dead stop and tumbled straight down after 100 feet.  DAMN YOU TREE 

ANYWAY - I had a 61 playing from the back tees.  Which from what I read on DGCR forums would be a rating of about 846.  Of course this is just a raw meaningless number but it's like a handicap in ball golf (a 1000 would be considered a scratch golfer).

So in my first and only three 18 hole games   761, 851, 846 with actual scores of 66, 57, 61.  All on a short easier 4680 foot course.     

The thing I'm learning as I play is how to play the wind.  Not sure what to do in a tail wind or what kind of disc I should throw.  I'll have to ask someone.    

Maybe I'll try Hiestand Park in Madison next (I only play courses with Mach 3 baskets LOL)

Have a great day!  Rod 

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