Monday, June 24, 2013

The Obession Begins

This is a personal journal of my adventures into disc golf, a young guys sport I believe, OR, a young at heart sport.   I'll give MY personal thoughts and opinions and if anybody reads this and has other points I would LOVE to hear them.  I'm soaking up as much knowledge as I can.  

I won't give a lot of boring background on how I got into this sport.  I think I'll resort to flashbacks.

I will say that it all started when Joey Miller an Eagle Scout started to look into a disc golf course for our small town (Columbus) in Wisconsin.  I was on the Parks and Rec department board and wanted to help.

A guy from Madison came up and we walked around Firemans Park setting up a proposed course.  Only enough for 6 permanent holes with room for 3 temps.

I'm 59 and through a zillion Frisbee's 30 years ago doing tricks and was pretty darn good and this brought back a lot of memories.  SO -I immediately, without having a clue what I was doing, purchased three disks, a putter, a mid range and a driver. 

Fast forward a month later and I am completely obsessed! I'm reading charts on different disc and thinking about the game 24/7.

But it was not until just yesterday when I felt a "I can do this" moment.  When my grip settled on a Three Finger Grip instead of a Frisbee grip and  I automatically gained 25 feet with that one tweak.

You see throwing a disc is NOT at all like  Frisbee.  They are smaller and heavier and are designed and shaped for control, speed, and accuracy.   I won't go into all the details  YET.  But will mention numbers that you should know about if you are just getting into the sport like I am.

These numbers come from inbounds Disc Golf 

Below is my Avair P&G putter and it's rated numbers are this

'246, -5%, 22%, 17%

What this tells me IN THEORY, is that a GOOD player can throw this 246 feet
It's high speed turn will go 5% to the RIGHT  (the "-" is meaningful)
As the spin slows it will go the the LEFT 22%
And over all it should end up 17% to the left

Avair P&G 246', -5%, 22%,17%

Every disk is different and your results may and will vary wildly. 

For instance - when I started, I HOPED I could get this putter to go 150 feet and my flight path was nothing at all like the above.   Also I have read that a disc will change through it's life as it bangs into trees and so forth.

Going LEFT is called overstable, going RIGHT is understable.

ANYWAY - yesterday I went to Crystal Lake Park in Beaver Dam WI and played my very first 18 holes where I was counting every stroke (?? is that the correct term?).  I warmed up a little and took off.

I pared the 1st couple holes and was moving along nicely with 3s and 4s and was content.

But then on the 11th hole something happened that change my "content" mood.   I snapped my backhand throw and my Shark went sailing long (for me about 70% as long ) and straight and did exactly what it was suppose to do.

Shark 283' -5%, 40%, 35%
WOW - that felt great leaving my hand. THAT is what a good shot feels like.  The timing was good and everything clicked.

Of course my next throw was wet and the disc slipped and went 50 feet but my next tee shot landed 8 feet away from the basket at 206 feet.  I missed the 8 foot put - FUCK, but was still happy (the wind was in my face and the shot sailed).

Leopard 321' -40%, 20%, -20%
The rest of that 18 was a learning curve about wind and what it does but the disc, leaving my hand after a xross step just felt right.    I talked to a couple guys that were ahead of me who had bags full of discs (looked like mostly drivers) and as I was leaving I did some putter practice.

BUT WHY STOP THERE!   I played another 18 and this time I cut 9 strokes off my score for a 57 which is on 5.18 strokes above the average for DGCR players.

I still need a lot of work putting and will look at more youtube videos.       

I'm taking my wife to buy her first two discs tonight and am looking to buy a Leopard as my first fairway driver.

SO - that's my story so far.

BTW - I'm a Fine Art Photographer (galleries, art fairs and 3x7 foot canvas creations and so forth) and think I'll make a line of disc golf artsy images.

I'll have more of this adventure coming up. Youcan always contact me at

See ya


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