Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No golf today - floods!

I guess if I was a real man I would be golfing in flood but . . . . I don't want to lose my new disc!!

My wife (DJ) and I went to Glide in Madison so she could get her first two discs and I wanted my first fairway driver.

DJ had a list of perhaps 10 disc's she was looking for (she did research!!!) and Mike helped a ton.  She settled on a 150g Avair P&G putter and a mid range Comet.

Avair P&G putter 246' -5%,22%,17%

Mid-range Comet 284'.-36%,23%,13%

And I purchased a fairway 168g Pro Leopard

fairway Leopard 321'-40%,20%,20%
All three are good beginner disc for people that can't throw.

So no disc golf this morning and we shall see about ball golf later today.

I took my new disc to Firemans Park and tossed all of my disc  for a while and they pretty much all random with random distances but compared to two weeks ago there is a lot of progress.   I would love to get 5 putters and practice putting more. I would also love to get a basket.   I had heard that some Costco's had very good baskets but not ours.

I'm hoping to get a fairway JLS from a guy I met on Disc Golf Course Review (DGCR) a great forum.  Not that I need it but sooner or later I'll actually be able to tell the difference in disc so if this will only cost me a 6-pack of real good home brew . . . . . .

fairway JSL  3600', 35%,37%,2%
Notice most beginner disc try to go more right - that is because for a beginner we can not get it NOT to go left so newbie discs are made to try to correct that a little.

Also note - I added some of my favorite sites on the left for learning and I'll keep adding more as I find useful ones.    There are a ton of Youtube videos but some are not so awesome.

One guy was teaching me how to putt but then said he was a horrible putter . . . so the ones listed I think are good for my kind of game.



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