Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hiestand Park

Played Hiestand Park in Madison for the 1st time at a real Disc Golf course.  Beaver Dam is nice but a bad throw will not get you in trouble (behind a large number of trees, sideways on a hill and so forth).  I loved it.

Tossed a 67 but a little course knowledge will help for next time.  Wish I had more distance on my drives but it'll come I hope.

I parked in that parking lot on the wrong side of the course but I think I'll always park there - a little more exercise and I can warm up throwing across the soccer fields. 

I also need a bag as I purchased another putter so I have three to practice with now.   Looking into buy a Wolf for a backhand anhyzer throw I needed on one hole.   I think this is how people accumulate disc's.  By having a hole or situation that did not have an appropriate disc (like I can do what the disc is made for LOL).

Loving it!! 

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