Tuesday, July 23, 2013

gyroscopic forces having to do with angular momentum

Current DGCR Rating - 726 Up from 722


The good news is I had my first 2 birdie round. The bad news is I lost my first disc In said round.

I played Crystal Lake Monday and had a 56 which is a rating of 751.  It's tough to tell how good you did since all holes are par 3s for the sake of simplicity.  But courses as a whole are rated.

Anyway I simplified my forehand to a single step and had good results. My first birdie was a 208 foot shot that came up a little shot and I tossed in a 15 foot birdie.  Then the 2nd birdie was a short but pin bally 160 footer.  The tricky thing on this is that the basket has trees in front of it and a marsh land on the right side.  It's guarder on the left by trees.

So you have to throw the disc over the marsh and as the spin slows you HOPE it fades towards the basket.   I threw it and . . oh no, not that far over the marsh but it glides back and lands 3 feet from the basket.  Perfect!!   a Gimmie birdie!!

Almost had one more on a 182 foot shot that has to bend around some trees but my 35 foot putt hit the side of the chains but didn't stick.

Of course I was still thinking about THAT shot and basically through my disc into the ground on the next uphill shot.

There is a pretty good explanation on  how a disc works that I'll sort of repeat here. 

Originally posted by LoPan12

   When the disc flies through the air, you get a distinct seperation of air flow. Now consider two particles that get split up be the disc, one goes on top, one goes on the bottom. They will meet up again, behind the disc, so, because the top one has to travel farther, it is going faster. As speed increases, pressure decreases. You are left with a lower pressure area above the disc, and a higher pressure area below the disc. This phenomenon is called "LIFT" and for a given speed, will overcome the weight of the disc, and push it up. 

When you now consider the rotation, think about relative speeds. For a RHBH, the left edge of the disc is moving faster than the right edge. So, due to the higher speed, the left edge will create MORE LIFT than the right side.  

So why don't all my discs keep going right?

Well...you've got a rotating mass. This causes gyroscopic forces having to do with angular momentum and pitch and roll and whatnot. In a nutshell, the rotating mass of the disc causes a sum of forces call gyroscopic procession. This is what causes LSS (Low speed spin), same as HSS(High Speed Spin), just the opposite direction.

When you first release the disc, it has the most spin it ever will in that flight, and the assymetrical lift forces will outweigh precessional roll. But as the disc slows down, the lift forces aren't as large, and the disc rolls to the left. 

It slows down, because of DRAG! Drag is a force that opposes your disc. The friction between the disc and air rob energy and the spin reduces, and the forward speed declines! BTW, a driver has less drag than a putter, due to putters having a blunt edge. So a driver's flight is therefore less lift-driven, and more ballistic. But don't think about that for now.

NOW, those of you still reading (god-bless you) are asking, "Okay, neat...what's this shit have to do with beating in and more glide?"  (the question was why do older disc seem to get more glide).

Well, turbulence is our friend here. A turbulent boundary layer on the surfaces of the disc eventually result in less drag! There's more fluid dynamics involved here, but trust me when I say, you end up with less drag. This is why golf balls are dimpled, but the reasons are a bit different for a sphere.  

So, as you beat in a disc, it gets all these micro abrasions, that cause little eddies and vortexes that add up to turbulent, chaotic flow. In some cases, while this turbulence increases surface friction drag, the overall effect is a reduction in drag forces. This has to do with boundary layers, seperation points, and changes in pressure fields.

The beating in reduces drag (to a point, then you start to get screwed again) allowing a disc to maintain the various lift forces for longer, lettings it go longer before fading, letting it glide longer.  

AWESOME - this is why I love disc golf.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Over Confidence is a bitch

Current Rating - 722

Went out for field work Wednesday to a football field.  Light breeze and 75 degree dew point.  When finished I was soaked head to toe.

HOWEVER - I had my longest drive yet at 225 feet against the breeze with my 1743g Patriot.  I learned that I need LESS arm movement and more snap.  In the case of side arm it seems less is more when it comes to arm speed.

I also need to bend over more as what I THOUGHT was level was actually a little anhyzer* (outside rim tipped up) and when I throw a anhyzer I also tend to roll my wrist which compounds the problem.

*An anhyzer shot is when you manipulate a golf disc to fly in the same direction as its rotational spin. If you are a lefty, the golf disc will spin left and if you are right handed, it will fade right.  A right handed sidearm is like throwing left-handed.

I took my new found confidence to Heistand Park in Madison which is a wooded pin ball style course on some holes and got in trouble with inconsistency.  Lesson here is just like ball golf, course management is a must. Playing conservative will take strokes off your game at times.   

Still no luck in talking friends in to the sport and it seriously an awesome a sport. Out in real nature, not manicured nature.  

One thing I really love about this sport is that all courses are so different - almost mini golf style.  Ball golf has different style courses but disc golf seems to be so creative at times.

Today I saw that there are some courses with some ingenious basket set up's

Hornets Nest #9

Hole 10 at the Tiki course
Hole one Buffalo Trace

Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Always improving

I been thinking about getting into a tournament, maybe next year???  I would be in the

ADVANCED SENIOR GRAND MASTER Division! (insert Echo)  

I keep learning and advancing. I realized my forehand was not getting as much as I could out of my drives because my wrist was being lazy.  I was not getting that final FLING.   I discovered this while on the course.  Or I rediscovered this for the 10th time actually.

I had some real nice 190f uphill drives that were maybe 12 feet to the left of the basket.  But those were only warmups so they didn't count.     

This when I REALLY wanted to do good, BLAP!!   WTF was that??? What did I do different??  I replayed everything in my head and it was my wrist. When things counted I would aim and stiffen up as opposed to just flinging the disc out there. 

Had a good round of 57. My rating is 717 which is like a 28 handicap in ball golf I suppose but I keep getting better.

My go to driver has become my 174g Patriot now.  Goes longer then the Leopard.  I through the 153g Leo in the beginning until my arm got warmed up, then I went to the 186g for more control and the long drives the Patriot. 

I still can not throw my Mids very well.  My fingers seems to catch on the big lips so that is a work in progress.  I like the feel of the Fuse but again, cant throw it with consistency yet.

I do need a fairway driver that is more overstable.  I also threw the Leo into the pond.  I have to find something that cuts right more at the end.  Maybe a Teebird is in my future.

Ricardo Vasquez / Rod Melotte collaboration 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moving down in weight

While my nick name that I have had for 20 years is Grinder (from ol' black jack days and then from poker days where I wrote for magazines and yada yada)  I think I should change my name to "Noodle Arm".   I even wore a ball golf cap with Noodle on it last time out.

ANYWAY - I've seriously been improving and had a 61 at Heistand Park in Madison but then dropped do to a 69 a day later with some bad luck and bad throws.  Still, I feel I'm getting to know what my body can throws can do . . . . when I do it correctly.

One thing I did was get a knee brace for my left knee (multiple operations from sports when I was younger) which helps a lot.

Most rounds are like my ball golf rounds.  GREAT shots with totally inept shots mixed in and  scrambling in the brush.  I'm also still finding more shots with the "I've never attempted THIS before".

But the big thing was I decided I wanted to try going down in weights for my disc.  I have a 168g DX Leopard which has been my go to disc off the tee.  I've had good results when I throw it correctly (good results means I don't totally suck) and my average good throw was 180 feet.

180 feet has gotten me in good range for a good approach shot (my forte') and I have a better then average chance for a par.
RHFH Leopard

But I digress.

What got me thinking about going to lower weights was I went UP in weight and purchased a 174g Patriot (it was pretty) and when I got home it felt like I was trying to throw a 5 pound weight.

Really? 7 grams will make that much of a difference?

So I was doing research and one thing leads to another and I find myself at Glide in Madison with a 153g DX Leopard in my hand.  Since I know how the 168g acted and felt and since it was only $8, lets give it a try.

WHOA - (remember this was side arm so back hand just think the opposite glide pattern).  I flung it out there with very very little effort and did exactly what it was suppose to do.  Holy crap. My 168g would do it every so often or a very abbreviated version but never exactly.  This was like watching an advertising video from Innova.

OK OK - calm down, I had a small tailwind.  I turned and had a L - R breeze and flung it out again, this time it sailed out of my hand like a rocket, started to go left and the breeze pushed it down a little, then the spin slowed and turned the disc right and the breeze caught it a tad and landed 200 feet from me.  SWEET.

OK, into the small breeze.

I picked out a target which happened to be a practice basket a little over 200 away.  Made an aiming adjustment (I had never considered this before since I was in a "throw far that direction" mode") thinking the disc will think it's going faster into the wind and move left more but fall to the right faster as it slowed.

I landed Leo to gimme shot range from the basket. HOLY CRAP!

To say I was stoked would be an understatement.   

OK - my thoughts.  Will I grow out of the lighter weights as I get more experience? Sure. Is that really a bad thing?  I felt I had more control and power at 153g then I ever have before.  Will 153g suck in wind?  Sure will.  But people have to lower expectations anyway and I have the 168g as a backup.

One guy I talked too had a lightweight bag of disc's and a heavy for wind.  I tell ya. People that own disc stores have it so easy!  It's like selling candy to children.  So pretty and you always want more.

I'll keep my 175g putters but it's like a whole new world just opened up to me.  I might have to look for a lighter disc.
ADDENDUM: 3 hours later.   Did some field work tonight - had some good results with "feel".  Maybe I was just fresh this morning.  The 153g did go farther but so did the 168g.   My Wolf seemed to always make my wrist turnover but near the end I purposely tried to hyzer the throw and not only did it fly perfectly but landed 2 feet from my bag 200 feet away.

Then for giggles I took out the new 174g Patriot and I believe it was my longest throw of the night.  In fact both times I was over 210 on near target.  MAN it's heavy but it flys!!    

Had problems with the Fuse which is so freaking smooth and glidy.  I can't not turn over my wrist for some reason when I throw it.   hmmmmm



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Well now - advancement

One thing I'm having to get use to is the wear and tear this sports takes on my body.  I guess playing 27 innings of softball on hot days is over.

Sidearm is coming along GREAT.  My wife purchased those rubber band things for strength and we have one on a door. When ever I walk past I rip off 10-30 forehand pulls.

I ordered and received a Lat 64 Gold Fuse (it's blue), a versatile midrange driver that has a good amount of glide to it.   Feels great and I'm up to 7 discs now.

Three Putters (for practice) Avair P&G (166g, 175g) Wizard (175g)
A Mid Range Shark (174g) - not using it that much yet
A longer Mid Range Fuse (165g)
a Fairway Driver Leopard (168g) which is my favorite disc at the moment for driving
And THE TERN (162g)!  a Distance Driver.

Let me tell you about the Tern.  Totally uncontrollable until last night.

Now that I'm getting better at this sport and understand what a sidearm throw I got out the tern and threw it with a little anhyzer action (not level bit more at a 2:00 position).  It sailed left and then finally straightened and started to hyzer to the right.  It was awesome and was the longest throw of my life.

Not GREAT but in the 200-215 range which for ol' noodle arm is a thrill.

I'm also MUCh better putting and yesterday at Firemans Park in Waterloo among the Mosquitoes I hit 6 for 6 12-15 foot puts.   Maybe the mosquitoes made me concentrate.   

I'm thinking of looking for a lighter Leopard but who knows - discs are like pretty candy.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Switching to Side Arm to much OAT

WELL NOW -this is what happens and you have to much OAT!

Off-Axis Torque
What is OAT?  I had to ask that myself - Off-Axis Torque.   Forces imparted to the disc at the point of release that are not "lined up" = Not a clean release = Bad form (most of the time).

Lesson learned.

SO - I'm now throwing more sidearm and frankly it's much easier and I've increased my distance another 10 feet so my on the money throws are in the 180-200 range now.

I have more accuracy backhand but longer glides side arm.

I added a new link - Mastering the Wind

Sarah Hokum - World Champ - my body won't do that
Also my wife DJ has taken up the sport and now as 4 discs, An Aviar P&G, Comet, Shark and Cobra and she is now reading and watching Sarah Hokums videos.

The below video, about the 16 minute mark is a fantastic tutorial on how she throws side arm.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hiestand Park

Played Hiestand Park in Madison for the 1st time at a real Disc Golf course.  Beaver Dam is nice but a bad throw will not get you in trouble (behind a large number of trees, sideways on a hill and so forth).  I loved it.

Tossed a 67 but a little course knowledge will help for next time.  Wish I had more distance on my drives but it'll come I hope.

I parked in that parking lot on the wrong side of the course but I think I'll always park there - a little more exercise and I can warm up throwing across the soccer fields. 

I also need a bag as I purchased another putter so I have three to practice with now.   Looking into buy a Wolf for a backhand anhyzer throw I needed on one hole.   I think this is how people accumulate disc's.  By having a hole or situation that did not have an appropriate disc (like I can do what the disc is made for LOL).

Loving it!! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I learned today - round 3

Played my 3rd round this morning at Crystal Lake Park in Beaver Dam and this time to get used to longer holes, I played from the white tees which are 854 feet longer and have some trickery.

Before I played took 50 practice putts from 12 and 18 feet and another 50 after the round.  While my results putting were unspectacular I did learn a few things.  You know like when you let go and your hand does something it works.  For me it's more of a level thing.  I also want to buy 2 more "like" putters so I don't have to walk up after every two throws to get my practice putters.

A few other things I learned was just like ball golf, you can HIT the hole or basket but that does not necessarily me you will get the shot (3 times that happened - AAARG!).   And just like ball golf putting counts a LOT.

I also learned that on a short 160 foot shot with nothing but trees on the eight side I can easily flip my Leopard left to right 200+ feet  OOPS  Maybe when I play that hole I'll use my Buzzz or Shark. 

Something I also have seen a lot are studs playing from the back tees throwing forehand who totally suck at it.  Are they posers?  They have a bag of disc, and wind up for a 314 foot shot and the disc goes 170 feet WAY to the left, then the next dude flips the disc a solid 100 feet.  Maybe they were trying to show off.  I suppose seeing an old dude practicing putting I looked intimidating - I mean who practices anyway unless they are really good!  LOL 

OH - I also learned that trees suck in disc golf just like ball golf. I suppose trees would suck in the NFL if there were trees on the field. All I know is I had some wonderful backhand shots that went screaming off my wrist and came to a dead stop and tumbled straight down after 100 feet.  DAMN YOU TREE 

ANYWAY - I had a 61 playing from the back tees.  Which from what I read on DGCR forums would be a rating of about 846.  Of course this is just a raw meaningless number but it's like a handicap in ball golf (a 1000 would be considered a scratch golfer).

So in my first and only three 18 hole games   761, 851, 846 with actual scores of 66, 57, 61.  All on a short easier 4680 foot course.     

The thing I'm learning as I play is how to play the wind.  Not sure what to do in a tail wind or what kind of disc I should throw.  I'll have to ask someone.    

Maybe I'll try Hiestand Park in Madison next (I only play courses with Mach 3 baskets LOL)

Have a great day!  Rod 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No golf today - floods!

I guess if I was a real man I would be golfing in flood but . . . . I don't want to lose my new disc!!

My wife (DJ) and I went to Glide in Madison so she could get her first two discs and I wanted my first fairway driver.

DJ had a list of perhaps 10 disc's she was looking for (she did research!!!) and Mike helped a ton.  She settled on a 150g Avair P&G putter and a mid range Comet.

Avair P&G putter 246' -5%,22%,17%

Mid-range Comet 284'.-36%,23%,13%

And I purchased a fairway 168g Pro Leopard

fairway Leopard 321'-40%,20%,20%
All three are good beginner disc for people that can't throw.

So no disc golf this morning and we shall see about ball golf later today.

I took my new disc to Firemans Park and tossed all of my disc  for a while and they pretty much all random with random distances but compared to two weeks ago there is a lot of progress.   I would love to get 5 putters and practice putting more. I would also love to get a basket.   I had heard that some Costco's had very good baskets but not ours.

I'm hoping to get a fairway JLS from a guy I met on Disc Golf Course Review (DGCR) a great forum.  Not that I need it but sooner or later I'll actually be able to tell the difference in disc so if this will only cost me a 6-pack of real good home brew . . . . . .

fairway JSL  3600', 35%,37%,2%
Notice most beginner disc try to go more right - that is because for a beginner we can not get it NOT to go left so newbie discs are made to try to correct that a little.

Also note - I added some of my favorite sites on the left for learning and I'll keep adding more as I find useful ones.    There are a ton of Youtube videos but some are not so awesome.

One guy was teaching me how to putt but then said he was a horrible putter . . . so the ones listed I think are good for my kind of game.



Monday, June 24, 2013

The Obession Begins

This is a personal journal of my adventures into disc golf, a young guys sport I believe, OR, a young at heart sport.   I'll give MY personal thoughts and opinions and if anybody reads this and has other points I would LOVE to hear them.  I'm soaking up as much knowledge as I can.  

I won't give a lot of boring background on how I got into this sport.  I think I'll resort to flashbacks.

I will say that it all started when Joey Miller an Eagle Scout started to look into a disc golf course for our small town (Columbus) in Wisconsin.  I was on the Parks and Rec department board and wanted to help.

A guy from Madison came up and we walked around Firemans Park setting up a proposed course.  Only enough for 6 permanent holes with room for 3 temps.

I'm 59 and through a zillion Frisbee's 30 years ago doing tricks and was pretty darn good and this brought back a lot of memories.  SO -I immediately, without having a clue what I was doing, purchased three disks, a putter, a mid range and a driver. 

Fast forward a month later and I am completely obsessed! I'm reading charts on different disc and thinking about the game 24/7.

But it was not until just yesterday when I felt a "I can do this" moment.  When my grip settled on a Three Finger Grip instead of a Frisbee grip and  I automatically gained 25 feet with that one tweak.

You see throwing a disc is NOT at all like  Frisbee.  They are smaller and heavier and are designed and shaped for control, speed, and accuracy.   I won't go into all the details  YET.  But will mention numbers that you should know about if you are just getting into the sport like I am.

These numbers come from inbounds Disc Golf 

Below is my Avair P&G putter and it's rated numbers are this

'246, -5%, 22%, 17%

What this tells me IN THEORY, is that a GOOD player can throw this 246 feet
It's high speed turn will go 5% to the RIGHT  (the "-" is meaningful)
As the spin slows it will go the the LEFT 22%
And over all it should end up 17% to the left

Avair P&G 246', -5%, 22%,17%

Every disk is different and your results may and will vary wildly. 

For instance - when I started, I HOPED I could get this putter to go 150 feet and my flight path was nothing at all like the above.   Also I have read that a disc will change through it's life as it bangs into trees and so forth.

Going LEFT is called overstable, going RIGHT is understable.

ANYWAY - yesterday I went to Crystal Lake Park in Beaver Dam WI and played my very first 18 holes where I was counting every stroke (?? is that the correct term?).  I warmed up a little and took off.

I pared the 1st couple holes and was moving along nicely with 3s and 4s and was content.

But then on the 11th hole something happened that change my "content" mood.   I snapped my backhand throw and my Shark went sailing long (for me about 70% as long ) and straight and did exactly what it was suppose to do.

Shark 283' -5%, 40%, 35%
WOW - that felt great leaving my hand. THAT is what a good shot feels like.  The timing was good and everything clicked.

Of course my next throw was wet and the disc slipped and went 50 feet but my next tee shot landed 8 feet away from the basket at 206 feet.  I missed the 8 foot put - FUCK, but was still happy (the wind was in my face and the shot sailed).

Leopard 321' -40%, 20%, -20%
The rest of that 18 was a learning curve about wind and what it does but the disc, leaving my hand after a xross step just felt right.    I talked to a couple guys that were ahead of me who had bags full of discs (looked like mostly drivers) and as I was leaving I did some putter practice.

BUT WHY STOP THERE!   I played another 18 and this time I cut 9 strokes off my score for a 57 which is on 5.18 strokes above the average for DGCR players.

I still need a lot of work putting and will look at more youtube videos.       

I'm taking my wife to buy her first two discs tonight and am looking to buy a Leopard as my first fairway driver.

SO - that's my story so far.

BTW - I'm a Fine Art Photographer (galleries, art fairs and 3x7 foot canvas creations and so forth) and think I'll make a line of disc golf artsy images.

I'll have more of this adventure coming up. Youcan always contact me at Grinder12000@yahoo.com

See ya